Select a Layout

The Website Builder layouts are templates that provide a basis for creating modern and professional websites. All layouts are already optimized for smartphones and tablets and automatically adapt to the different screen sizes.


  • If you aborted the layout selection immediately after making your purchase, your new website was created with the default design.
  • You cannot change the layout directly in the editor.

Each layout can be customized to meet your needs. You can find additional tips and tricks for designing your website at Global Design.

To open the layout selection function again, you first have to reset your website in the Control-Center.

  1. Log in to your Control Panel (US) | Control Panel (CA).
  2. In the menu bar, click My Products > Websites & Shops and select the desired MyWebsite.
  3. Click the arrow icon under Reset website.
  4. Warning

    If you reset your website, all its settings and data such as the layout, content and backups will be lost! You cannot undo this process and all data will be permanently reset.

  5. Read the warnings and click Reset Website.
  6. Click Create website.
  7. Select the desired domain and click Next.
  8. Enter your data and click Next.
  9. Click Set up website.
  10. Select a layout for your website.