Contact Form Troubleshooting


If the Submission recipient is empty, the primary email in the content library will be used. If no such email exists, the contact form will only send responses to the form responses page.

If you are not able to receive any form submissions that are being sent using the Contact Form widget, most likely it is because our mail is being filtered as spam on your email server.

If you do not receive emails from IONOS, check your spam folder. If you still do not see the email, make sure to white list the IP addresses and in your email provider's settings.


This checklist only applies to contact forms built using the Contact Form widget.


  • Check the form responses to ensure the contact form is working. You can click the contact form >>> click form responses to download it.
  • Check to see if the email is valid. If you enter multiple emails, remember to use a comma between emails (no spaces) to separate them.
  • Check your spam folder on your site.
  • Check your email filter and blacklist settings to ensure that they are not being blocked.
  • Add to your email white list.
  • Create a new page and insert your contact form there to see if it works.
  • Turn off any custom scripts in your site in the site settings.

If your contact form still does not work after running through the troubleshooting checklist, contact your email provider to look into why our contact form email submissions are not being received.

If it is working on another page on your mobile site but not the page it is meant to work on, that usually means there is a custom script interfering with your contact form working. Either reset the page or check your page for any custom scripts that might be causing this issue.

For more information, see Header HTML.