Updating an Old Blog to the New Blog Platform

The new blog platform provides more design flexibility, more consistent posts, and easier management. The update to the new blog is available for sites with up to 800 posts.


Blog posts cannot be imported from one site to another.


The update is irreversible, so before updating consider the following.

  • Blog posts automatically take on the theme settings for text, images, background page, and so on. However, you can override these settings in the Post Layout Mode.
  • All post titles are heading 3s, and left aligned
  • There may be minor spacing differences in the posts, so make sure to review each post before republishing
  • Date format is now month, date, year (that is, July 11, 2019)
  • The word "By" no longer appears before the author name
  • The number of comments is not visible at the top of each post

Update to the New Blog Platform

If you are eligible to update to the new blog platform you will see an Update the Blog ribbon when you open the site editor. Follow the steps below to update:

  1. Under Update your Blog, click Learn More.
  2. Click Update Now. It may take a few minutes, but you can continue to work on the site while the update takes place.
  3. After updating, review the posts to ensure everything is correct.
  4. Republish the site.

If you use blogs in your Team Templates, we recommend updating those templates to the new blog platform as well.