Import Blog Posts from RSS Feeds

Import blog posts from an RSS feed. All Blog posts are imported, however, only supported elements are included in each blog post. This includes: Text (H1/H2/H3, paragraph), images, videos (Youtube/Vimeo), HTML elements, dividers and disqus comments, and post author and post date. After the import, the imported posts are in draft mode until published by the site owner.


If the old blog is deleted, images imported from the old blog are removed.

To import blog posts from an RSS feed:

  1. In the left panel, click Blog, and then click Import Posts.
  2. Type a valid RSS feed URL in the area provided, and click Import posts. For more information, see Requirements for Valid RSS Feeds.
  3. When the import is done, you will be notified (you will also be notified if it fails. If it does fail, the entire process fails, not just the problematic post. The failure message will have information about what failed).
  4. (Optional) Review the imported posts.
  5. Publish all the imported posts.

Requirements for Valid RSS Feeds

  • The RSS feed URL must be in a valid URL format.
  • There cannot be non-supported characters in the posts URL, which includes EN characters, numbers and supported special characters (only ASCII characters)
  • There are several ways to present the content of your blog post. To ensure a valid RSS feed, you must include the full content and not just a summary.
  • There are no more than 300 posts in your RSS.

We recommend validating your RSS feed prior to importing. You can check your RSS Feed here:

If the RSS feed does not import into the blog, there may be issues with the RSS link that you are using or issues with the format of the RSS feed. If the import does not work, check the following:

  • Ensure you are using the correct URL for the import. The RSS link is NOT the link to the blog page. This should be a link to the blog RSS feed. Most WordPress feed links are in the following format:
  • The RSS file must contain content.

    The content is placed within <description> item. We cannot import from feeds that use description tags.

  • Sometimes the problem with import is that there is no access to the next page. For example, ( shows us the 10 last posts, but if you go to the second page of the feed (, it shows the same posts on the second page. This means that the feed is not pulling posts correctly and it is not possible to import all posts.