Blog Widgets

The following blog widgets are available: All Posts, Recent Posts and Search Posts. These widgets make your blog accessible from any location on your site. Any blog widget can be added to any post on your site. For example, you can add the All Posts widget for your home page and to your blog.

For information about adding widgets, see Add Widgets.

All Posts Widget

The All Posts widget is added by default to a new blog page when you add a blog to your site from the blog menu. By default, it shows a list of every post on your blog. You can customize the All Posts widget by adding other widgets to modify the page. To add other widgets, in the left panel, click Widgets, and click and drag the desired widgets onto your blog. The All Posts widgetallows you to display posts from your blog anywhere on your site, boosting blog traffic and engagement.


Your site must have a blog before you can add this widget.

Customize the All Posts Widget

Content Editor

All of the post content can be controlled in the blog settings. In the Content Editor, you can control what post information to show. You can also manage and add new posts from here.

The following settings are available in the content editor:

  • Filter by tag. You can select multiple tags.

  • Read more text. Type the text you want to appear or click the eye icon to hide the text.

  • Show more button. Type the text you want to appear or click the eye icon to hide the text.

  • Show blog name. Can enable or disable this option.

  • Show author and date. Can enable or disable this option.

  • Show thumbnail images. Can enable or disable this option.

  • Single line title. Can enable or disable this option.

Design Editor

In the Design Editor you can control image size, background color, text style, number of posts to show, hover effects, and more.

You can also select the number of visible teaser lines. Teasers are short post summaries, taken from the first paragraph of the blog or the blog settings.

If there are more posts than displayed, the More Posts button appears. You can customize the button text, background, and position. You can also hide it.

Search Posts

The Search Posts widget allows visitors to search for specific posts or themes in your blog so that they can easily find articles that interest them. The widget only searches for words in blog post titles, it does not search the content of posts.