Manual (Offline) Payments in StoreFront

In addition to online payments, you may also want to accept payments directly to your bank account or collect money from your customer in person.

You can set up offline payment methods in StoreFront, such as wire transfer or cash on delivery.

How Manual (Offline) Payments Work

Some customers prefer not to pay using a credit card. Manual (or offline) payments allow you to accept online orders with payments made outside your store’s online checkout. This includes cash on delivery (COD), phone orders, and checks or bank transfers.


Orders purchased with a manual or offline payment option have an Awaiting Payment status. The order status remains Awaiting Payment until you arrange payment, collect funds, and mark the order as Paid. For more information on order statuses, see Manage Orders.

Transaction Fees

StoreFront does not charge any transaction fee for the orders that accept manual payments.

Set Up Manual (Offline) Payments

To enable a manual payment in StoreFront:

  1. Go to the Store Menu, and click Payment.
  2. Scroll to Manual Payments.
  3. Complete the payment method name or select a suggested label in the text box.
  4. Click Add Manual Payment Method.
  5. Ensure the payment method is set to Enabled.
  6. To set the payment method description, or add payment instructions for the customer, open the Action drop-down, and click Edit.

If you use offline payment options, you might want to collect your customer's phone numbers only and not emails.

Add Payment Instructions for Customers

When accepting manual payments, it is usually necessary to provide additional instruction to arrange payment. To add payment instructions upon checkout:

  1. Go to your Store Menu, and click Payment.
  2. Find the payment method to which you want to add the instruction.
  3. Click Actions.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Add payment instructions for customers and provide details for how their order will be handled. Customers see the updated instructions upon checkout.

Add Payment Instructions to Email Notifications

To include payment instructions in email notifications:

  1. Go to the Store Menu, click Settings, and then click Mail.
  2. Find the notification template to which you want to add instructions.
    The Order Confirmation template includes payment instructions for unpaid orders by default.
  3. Click Edit and insert changes (using the corresponding variables) to the template body. For more information, see Edit Email Notifications Templates.
  4. VariableWhat it does
    ${order.paymentMethod.instructionsTitle} Displays the title of the payment instruction.
    ${order.paymentMethod.instructions} Displays the content of payment instruction.
  5. Click Save.

Future Order Notifications will include changes to these variables based on the type of payment. For example, if a customer selects Wire Transfer on checkout, they receive instructions specific to the Wire Transfer payment method.