Manage Customers

Managing customers and communicating with them is crucial for running a business. Every time a new customer places an order in your StoreFront, they appear on your customer list.

To see and manage all customers in your StoreFront, go to the Store Menu, click My Sales, and then click Customers.

For all customers who place an order, StoreFront creates an account with your store. It allows your customers to view their order history and see the statuses of their current orders.

When customers place an order or create an account in your store by clicking the Sign In link, they appear on the Customers list. You have the following options:

  • Add customers to customer groups. This allows you to give customer groups discounts or create specific CSS codes that can hide or show certain elements depending on which group a customer belongs to.
  • Mark customers as tax exempt. If you charge taxes in your store, you can mark some customers as tax exempt.
  • See all orders placed by a specific customer. Click on the number in the Order Count column.
    To see more statistics about your store, go to the Store Menu, click My Sales, and then click Reports.

To create a list of people who use your StoreFront, you can export the customer list to a CSV file.

How Customers Use Their Accounts

In their accounts in your StoreFront, customers have the following options:

  • View all their orders with current payment or fulfillment statuses.
  • Specify VAT ID. If a customer enters their VAT ID, it will auto-fill on checkout.

Add Customers to StoreFront

You may have a list of customers or may want to add new customers in bulk to your StoreFront. To import customers to the StoreFront:

  1. Go to the Store Menu, and click Apps.
  2. Click the Import Customers app, and click Install.
  3. Click Upload and import CSV file.

This file must have comma (,) as the delimiter and must start with a header (name, email, password).

How Customers Log In

Customers click the Sign In link, type their email address and click Get Sign-In Link to receive the link for signing into their inbox. When they click the link, they are directed to the StoreFront and are logged in automatically.

Logging in by a link has the following advantages:

  • Customers do not need to remember passwords.
  • After an order is placed, the customer's account is created automatically for the email address used.
  • To see all customers who placed orders, go to the Store Menu, click My Sales, and then click Customers.
  • Customers can see all orders they placed with their email address in their account.
  • This is a more secure way of logging in than using a user name and password. Since the login link is sent to the email address, only the owner of the email address is able to log into the account.

Social Log In

Customers can also log in with their social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

To add buttons to allow customers to log in with their social accounts, go to the Store Menu, click Apps and add the Social Login app.