Add Products to StoreFront

With StoreFront, you can sell products that you manufacture yourself, resell products from other suppliers, use drop shipping services, or sell digital products and services. Once you have decided what you want to sell, add products to your store catalog, so that customers can see and buy them in your StoreFront.

There are two ways to add products to your StoreFront; manually add products one by one or in bulk using the import tool. The manual process works best if you have a few products. If you are transferring from another eCommerce solution or already have your products list in a spreadsheet, add products to your StoreFront using the import.

The number of products you can add depends on your plan.

Add Products Manually

To manually add products to your StoreFront:

  1. Go to your Store Menu, click Catalog, and then click Products.
  2. Click + Add New Product.
  3. Type the main product details: name, SKU, description, and price. If you will ship the product, type the weight.
  4. To add an image to display your product, click Add Image.
  5. Limit the stock if your product is limited.
  6. Click Save.
    You have successfully added a product to your StoreFront.
  7. Click Preview Product to see how the product displays in your online store.

Upload Product Images

You can add an unlimited number of images to every product in your StoreFront. We recommend using JPG, PNG, and GIF images in RGB color model for your products.

To add images to a product:

  1. Go to the Store Menu, click Catalog, and then click Products.
  2. Click a product to see the management page.
  3. Click Add Image.
  4. In the popup, select the necessary number of images for the product. To select multiple images, hold down the Ctrl key on Windows or the Cmd key on Mac OS. To select a group of images, hold down the Shift key.
  5. Click Open. The images will start uploading.
  6. After you see the images uploaded, click Save on the product management page.

You can also drag and drop images from a folder on your computer to that product's management page.

When you add multiple images to a product, the first uploaded image is considered the main product image. StoreFront shows the main image in the product list and the product page.

To change the order of the images, you can drag them in the product management page. To set an image as the main product image, place it first in the list.

To customize the appearance of the images, go to the Store Menu, and click Design.

  • Pick the size and aspect ratio for the main images in the product list;
  • Choose if additional images should appear in product pages in the form of thumbnails or full-sized images;
  • Choose if you want to show additional images on hover in the product list.

If you choose to show additional images as thumbnails on product pages, when a customer clicks the thumbnail, StoreFront displays a popup with a bigger image.

All images are automatically resized to fit the customer's screen. This allows seeing the whole image without scrolling. If the original size is bigger than the resized image, a customer can click + to see the original image size.

Add Products Using a CSV Import

You can add products to your StoreFront in bulk using the import feature. If you have a CSV file with your products, upload the CSV to your Store Menu and the products will appear in your StoreFront.