Link Picker

Add or modify the links on your site to point to different locations on your site, external URLs, or create click-to-action links. Links can be added to most elements, including text, images, buttons, and more. Most elements will have the same available options.

To use the Link Picker:

  1. Click the item you want to link and open the link menu.
  2. The following options are available:
    • Existing Page. Send the visitor to an existing page on your site.
    • Website URL. Send the visitor to a specific URL.
      • The following attributes are available:
        • Open in new window.
        • Set as "no follow". Ask search engines to not associate your site with or crawl the linked page from your site.
        • Set as sponsored. This lets search engines know the link is the result of an advertisement or paid placement.
        • Set as user Generated Content (UGC). This informs search engines of links created by users (e.g., a link someone posted in a comment), that aren’t necessarily reliable.
    • Popup. Open a popup. Choose from popups located in Pages & Popups or create a new popup.
    • Anchor. Send the visitor to an anchor on any page on the site.
    • StoreFront link. Prompt the visitor's device to open the store login, shopping cart or product page. This will only show if the site has a store.
    • Email Address. Prompt the visitor's device to open an email client with a specific email address.
    • Click To Call. Prompt the visitor's device to call a specific phone number.
    • File for download. Prompt the visitor's device to download a specific file.