Custom Branding HTML

Embed your own code snippets directly into the white labeled website builder. This code will load for anyone accessing your branded version of the platform. With the custom code, you have the ability to extend the functionality of the editor further than what IONOS provides. Add unique features for your customers on their responsive editors, such as live chat, custom analytics, search options for external support documents, and more.

To add custom HTML branding:

  1. Log in to your account to access the Dashboard.

  2. On the top navigation, click White Label, and then click Custom Branding.
  3. Click HTML/CSS (located in the Edit with HTML/CSS section).
  4. Insert your custom HTML into the field provided. The third-party service should provide you with the appropriate code to insert. Click Done.
  5. Click Save changes.

If you enter a white-labeled responsive builder account, your third- party service appears.

  • IONOS does not troubleshoot custom code. We recommend that you consult a professional if you have little to no experience implementing custom code.
  • IONOS already uses jQuery, so there is no need to reimport the jQuery library.
  • We recommend that you load scripts asynchronously, as to keep the entire IONOS editor loading quickly. To learn more, see this guide to loading scripts.
  • We recommend that you wait to load any javascript code until the window.onload event has completed. This ensures that the user is able to start editing the website and your additional code does not delay the editing experience.