Image Editor

The Image Picker allows you to make quick edits to your site images. Transform (crop or rotate), add text, and more to the images in your site. The Image Editor can be accessed on the canvas from any location an image can be added (for example, a row or column background), image widgets, or widgets that can include an image (for example, the Tabs widget).

To open the Image Editor:

  1. Open the location or widget's settings.

  2. Navigate to the image's thumbnail (in the location or widget's settings).

  3. Click Edit.

Use the menu at the bottom of the image to make various edits, such as frame, add text, adjust, crop, and focus the image. Once you are happy with the image you have created, click Save and Close and the image is saved in your library as well as on the page.

  • When you edit an image with the Image Editor, it is saved under Site Images in the Image Picker and Media Manager (images do not replace previous images when making edits, they create new versions). The file name of edited photos will be the same with an autogenerated alphanumeric number at the end, such as file-name-213f3kv.jpg
  • The Image Editor is only available from a location on the canvas and not from the Image Picker or Media Manager.
  • Keep in mind that some widgets allow you to add additional modifications such as drop shadows, borders, and overlays. Please see the instructions related to the widget you are using for more details.