Add and Edit Blog Posts

The Blog feature lets you create, maintain, and publish articles on your site. It provides tools to edit your individual post and blog designs, letting you provide a reliable stream of personalized content to attract visitors and create interest in your site.


To import posts from another IONOS site, the site with the posts to be transferred needs to be published. The blog's RSS feed can be used to transfer the posts (it can be found in the Blog Settings, see Blog Settings for more information).

Create Blog Posts

To create new blog posts:

  1. In the left panel, click Blog.
  2. Click New Post.
  3. Type a Post title for the blog, and select the Post author.
  4. To add a main image, click +Image and select or upload an image.
  5. Click Start.

For better SEO, schema markup is automatically generated for every newly published post.

Edit Blog Posts

To edit existing blog posts:

  1. In the left panel, click Blog, and then click Manage Posts.
  2. Next to the post you want to edit, click the Edit () icon.

To edit the post settings associated with a blog post, click the Post Settings () icon and see Manage Post Settings for more information. Post settings include post status, post details, and post metadata including tags.

Manage Posts

To add, publish, unpublish, edit, or remove posts from your blog, in the left panel, click Blog, and then click Manage Posts.

Blog Permissions

Blog permissions can be added to team permissions. By default, the Admin permissions group included blog permissions.

Edit Layout

Change the design of the blog post page. Any changes you make to this page affects how all posts display on your blog. You can add widgets to enable additional text, graphics, social media, and other effects. Editing the post design only changes the general layout of posts by adding or deleting widgets, rows, and columns. This does not let you change the text or graphics of an individual post.

To edit the layout of all blogs, in the left panel, click Blog, and then click Edit Layout.